Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has found in its roots in every industry that exist in some way or the other. Times have changed as the technology keeps on changing as you are reading this blog post. The things which is used to work in 2018 , 2019 and not that effective. The emerging trends in digital marketing also keep on changing

The world of Digital Marketing needs constant refinement to make the Digital Campaign effective to deliver the ROI on its investment. The theory of Darwinism also stands true in Digital front. You need to keep adapting and updating according to the trend online or you will be left behind. With digital acceleration the question has changed from what is need for digital marketing  to we need digital marketing

In this article I will be sharing my perspective on the upcoming trend that will lead the way in Digital Marketing for 2021 and how trends going to impact future of marketing

No Click Searches also called Featured Snipets

You type in the question in Google and search for business or the information. Google Algorithm sets to work to find the results that are most relevant information for the querry.

The answer is shown at the top of the search results with all the information eg if you are searching for a hotel , then results will show you the address , operating hrs , direction to reach the hotel , reviews.

You do not need to look for the website, Google does all the work for you. This is good for the visitors and Seach Engine. As in 2020 total of 50% of the total search resulted in No-Click searches. This trending technology of google will lead the lowering of the number of vistors that visit the site.

Google is continuously improving its algorithm to enrich the SERP results and keep the audience on Google without them clicking on third party website

  • Zero Clicks search results are more predominant on Mobile phones
  • Featured Snippets reduces the CTR by 5.3
Emerging Trend in Digital Marketing - Mobile vs Desktop No-click results
Mobile vs Desktop No-click results (source – Sparktoro)

How to adapt to these changes

Start adopting Youtube in you marketing strategy to showcase your business product and customer testimonials. Ensure that you enlist your business on Google my Business and verify the business along with all branches of your business accordingly.

Start using Schema for your website which will help the search bots to understand your page better and Google will give more importance in 2021. Create the pages for FAQs , Location , and events.

Dont miss on Voice Search

Voice search is the latest trending technology in Search Engine. Apple,Google and now Amazon each of the firms having their own patented voice search technology and devices. This has increased the popularity of voice search on home devices and mobiles

Voice searches have made the search more convenient. For example People search for live cricket score on the Siri or Alexa. To gain more visibility for the your website you should focus on adding writing style which is similar as if you were talking to a person.

Voice Search Stats in Emerging trends of Digital Marketing
Voice Search Stats – Thee Digital

The Raise of Chatbots

The chatbots are AI powered software which is used for communicating with the visitors. Chatbots are generally used helping the visitor solve their queries and assisting them with completion of goals.

AI is collects the data and improves for the better solving problems of visitors. Chatbots over the time have improved and are capable of providing in information weather reports to or reports and analytics. About 80% of the business claim that they want to adopt the Chatbot.  All the trending business and start-up are more inclined towards to adopting chatbots for business for the mentioned benefits.

Benefits of Benefits
1) Low adoption cost and less operation cost
2) 24 hrs service and instant response to the queries
3) No overtime and break

Integration of AI/AR in Video Marketing

Videos should be part of your business statergy for marketing. The survey conducted by ImpactBND brought out the stats 52% of customer feel confident to buy the product after watching the video or review video.

70% of the customer share brand video. Video marketing is highly engaging form of content and works mor effective if its live video. Live video combined influencers is powerful form of marketing.

video allows brands to connect with consumers on an emotional level. This brings us to the next V – visceral. The word visceral relates to deep, inward feelings, and advances in technology can let you tap into those feelings by creating virtual and augmented reality experiences.

With access to VR and AR technology, brands are offering tours of facilities, taking users through creating products, and creating interactive 3D models so users can thoroughly examine products. As AR/VR technology becomes more accessible, even smaller businesses can get in on the action.

AR is already being used by major companies like IKEA. Using their app and AR, customers can see how the product looks by not even putting a step in shop

Integration of AI/AR in Video Marketing
Integration of AI/AR in Video Marketing
  • It offers a more immersive shopping experience, which allows you to see how a product would look in your home, office, yard, etc.
  • Helps the customer make buying decisions.
  • Offers a more personalized experience.
  • Increases brand awareness and user engagement.

Interactive Content finds place in Mainstream

Interactive content is content which is content which provides some action some action when an user click , slide . As per Outgrow 93 % of the marketers rate interactive content  as highly effective in educating the buyer.

Can be used in
– To create poll & surveys
– Augmented reality video for marketing

The interactive content format leverage cutting-edge marketing technology, such as augmented reality and video content, to  people a more engaging experience. Consumers want this type of memorable, fun content from brands, as it helps them feel more connected to the company. 

Suppose you a real estate website added a mortgage calculator on it. They are offering value to visitors while also learning more about them based on the data being inputted into the calculator. 

Email is Getting More Personalised

Content is everywhere – videos, blogs, emails, social media, etc. In order to get your content to stand out you need an inbound marketing strategy which is personalised to users. From calls to action to the copy of a landing page, the content you use needs to be targeted to the exact customer you’re trying to reach, or it will go unnoticed.

The first step of in marketing process should be Creating and using buyer personas can help you craft content that directly appeals to customer segment – increasing engagement, boosting sales and conversions for your business.

How do you attract customers?

When you can trigger your email marketing to something specific, such as a user browsing a particular product, and then follow up with a promotional price or demo video in a personalized email, this can be very effective. Email is often the final trigger to motivate an action, especially when combined with your remarketing techniques.

First, integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) software, like HubSpot, with your CMS or website so you can begin segmenting your customers and leads into populations, including: 

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behaviour
  • Referral
  • Products or pages recently viewed
  • Name

Simply addressing an email to a customer’s name, or using their location to send targeted emails can build rapport. Almost 90 percent of US marketers reported seeing measurable improvements after implementing personalization strategies, and more than half reported a lift greater than 10 percent.

 Remember to make personalized content concise and don’t go into too much in-depth detail of their interests or behaviour which may creep out the user. 

Marketing Automation

As a business owner or as trending business, you don’t have time to email every new subscriber, chase down every abandoned cart, and block out time to post about sales and promotions on social media and through email. That’s where marketing automation comes in.

 Marketing automation and email automation are software platforms that let you set up promotions and campaigns, set a “trigger” or schedule a release in advance, and let the software work for you. Plus, it tracks analytics, so you can see what customers are looking for on your website or Ecommerce site and make tweaks and adjustments.

More small businesses are using marketing automation for things like:

  • Lead generation – You’ve seen pop-ups on websites that offer a discount or a gift. You just need to enter your email address, and within a few minutes, your gift arrives in your email, and a few days later you start getting personalized emails from the business. That’s all automated marketing. 
  • Cart abandonment – Automate an email or SMS message to go out when someone abandons a cart to let them know it’s still available or offer them a discount to return and make the purchase. 
  • Segmented populations – Marketing automation plays perfectly into personalized content for your customers based on common grouping.
  • Social media responses – From scheduling posts weeks in advance to creating automated responses, you can maintain social media without spending all day on it.

If you want to capture leads, nurture them, and convert them, marketing automation makes it easy to build an entire pipeline toward your goals, which is why it’s rapidly growing in popularity among small and medium businesses. HubSpot is a comprehensive digital marketing automation platform and CRM all in one that we highly recommend.

Omnichannel Marketing – Which Platform is best for Digital Marketing?

Traditionally, lead nurturing has been limited to the email marketing world, but that is changing and changing fast. Today, and especially in the B2B world, businesses need to reach and nurture leads through multiple channels. Here are a few data points that help explain why this evolution is happening:

“93 percent of the B2B buying process begins with an online search” (Pinpoint Market Research)

Converting leads to customers is a top priority for 74 percent of companies (HubSpot)

49 percent of companies characterize their sales cycle as long, with many influencers (Ascend2)

Because lead nurturing isn’t limited to email alone—and leads don’t engage with your marketing channels statically, in a vacuum—omnichannel marketing has become the new norm. Omnichannel marketing is really a catchall for advanced nurture programs that consider and care about multiple touchpoints in a lead lifecycle, including:

Organic search, or how people find you using search engines

Organic social, or the people engaging with your brand’s various social media channels

Social media ad re-marketing or advertising to specific social media users based on their past behavior and engagement

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, and other places that people go shopping online

YouTube videos, which, as we’ve established, a lot of people engage with on a daily basis

Podcasts, a fast-growing medium for entertainment, professional development, and market intelligence

The list goes on. And building out an omnichannel marketing program for lead nurturing, one that’s comprehensive and driven by multi-touch attribution data captured from some or all of the sources above, is no small undertaking.

Still, as we look to 2021, where the number of marketing channels only promises to continue proliferating, and lead nurture cycles become more layered, varied, and interconnected, finding a way to implement an omnichannel approach will be imperative.

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