3 Questions to ask to find your passion career

Find your Passion Career by asking these 3 simple questions

Once in a while, you must stop and ask yourself what am I doing in my life or where am I heading ?If not, then this is a good time to ask yourself this question. As per the Galop survey, it is estimated that 77% of working professionals do not like their jobs. As we all have limited time on earth, we should ask ourselves how I want to spend your time?

Remember your child when you were passion career in singing, football or something different, but as we make as we grow up we tend to move away from the things we are passionate about. We try to follow what everyone in society is doing, rather than finding our own career passion.

Richard Habridge describes passion very well – it makes you happy and elevates us beyond self-interest.

How to find my passion Career ?

This is the first question that arises when we try to find your passion and find my passion and talents. The first thing to understand is what passion means.

Who do I most want to help?
This will help you to segment your audience. You will understand who is your target audience and make strategies accordingly. For example, they can range from top companies CEO, Freshman out of colleges, Start-up owner. The possibilities are endless.

What Problem do I want to solve?
This is the core area you will be focusing on and working and finding solutions with the natural skills and talent you possess. Always make it specific and clear such that it is easy to communicate with others. Like helping working professionals with investment advice. Building products which can help in reducing pollution.

What Does It Look Like to Be Passionate About Your Work?
If you have found your passion, you will notice certain aspect when you are engaged in your passion
• Time will fly by
• You are looking forward to starting with the activity, and you feel found of whatever you have created
• You will work hard for it even if it means suffering for it. You will try to accomplish the task.
Once exercise, you could do it if you guarantee success and no risk. What would you like to do for life long?

Ikigai - How to find Passion Career
Ikigai – Finding Passion Career

Ikigai is the Japaneses principle to find your passion career. Ikigai principal says that when you are happy in work it also reflects in the other aspects of life be it relationships, Health , and finances.

You may ask why passion is important, It is important to have a passion for the following reasons.

  1. Passion makes you engage, and you look forward to the outcomes of your work which is important in making a sustainable career.
  2. You develop a deeper relationship at work this creates the feeling of self-worth and well-being
  3. Working in long hours or putting in efforts does not seem much of a task.
    Asking the above question will help you find a passion for purpose in the work you would be doing.

You can also seek the help of family, friends and colleagues as they will have an outer perspective about you that can help you make clear and conscience decision about your passion and talent.

What passion is not

Skills and talents are important, and at a time, can be related to your passion. But this is not always the case. Being good at something does not mean that you are passionate about it. Finding passion is itself a journey, and there are certain questions you can ask yourself that will help you uncover your passion.

Making Career in the Field of Passion

Once you have narrowed down the list to 3-5 areas, it is time to do more research, look on the internet, and ask people working in the industry where you have passions.

Undertake internship to get the sense of work and how the industry works will give you a better understanding of the wether you would like to work in a particular sector and profile.

Once you finalise with single passion may be adjoining multiple passions. Start working and get in the industry experience. Network with the people working in your passion field you would get better opportunities in your passion.

This is one of the straightforward ways to turn passion into money. Further, you would also be able to gauge the market’s need and decide to cater to the audience accordingly. This is one the way where you can find your passion and make it your career.

Should I turn my passion into Business ?

Once you gain the expertise in your passion area, then you can look to expand yourself and passion in business. Entering in business in the area of passion will greatly increase the chance of success.

But ensure that you enter the terrain of business because you want to help and reach a larger base of people in the market rather than just entering the market for the sake of money, Is a sure-shot way of failure.

Entering business, one needs to develop additional skills and keep on improving, so if you like this aspect, then you should turn passion in business.

Make your passion your priority today
Most of the time, we give excuses that we don’t have time to do things we are passionate about. But if you have found your passion, you will somehow manage to take out time and will hardly be sidetracked from it.

James Clear from Atomic Habits says even the tiniest of progress is crucial, it will take you towards your goal. In an instance, you may not see the progress, but over the long term, you will have made big progress through putting in consistent effort.

The ultimate action lies with us. We may have free hours to spare in the day, but how we use it is crucial. Do we use it to work on our project or watch Netflix series? Choices like these have a crucial effect on our future prospects.

To avoid sidetracking, write down your goals and hold yourself accountable for these goals. Holding yourself accountable for these goals will give you additional motivation. To work towards your passion.

This will help you to truly understand your passion and make it your career is what you desire. Once you understand your passion, turning passion into money will be a by-product of it.

Passion is God’s gift to live a wonderful life, and it is our job to find that gift and keep working on it to improve it. Finding passion and life the life where you do what you like will drastically increase your chances of success and wealth.

To sum it all, life becomes a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together, you enjoy every moment of life, be it in work or outside the workplace.

So Its your turn ask yourselves these 3 questions and find your passion career. Take the step today. Drop in the comments and let us know your thoughts on this article

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